Task: Come up with an original product idea and create a brand ecosystem around it. Create a unique logo, and style guide and apply it to stationery, giveaway items, and advertising material.
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop 
Concept: The product I came up with is a real-time in-ear translator.
The target markets for this product are people who travel and international businesspeople. Maybe an interpreter makes their quick interactions drag out, this should make life more convenient.

The concept behind my logo design was simple: show communication in a modern way that clearly implies this is a technology company. Additionally, I wanted to use this project as an opportunity to expand the logo into a system that’s truly responsive, rather than just stacking the wordmark and the logo in different orientations.
 Initially, the two speech bubbles I was using were interlinked, but it felt boring, so I made the overlapping point stand out more by giving it some breathing room.
The wordmark was designed specifically to fit perfectly into the speech bubble and is built entirely from the little link piece in the speech bubble logo. This allows for a seamless design system in which the wordmark, logo, and other elements can all be used with or without each other and still maintain a cohesive look.
Final Logo System
Giveaway Items
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